Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The wimpy Matt Helm

Way back when I posted a note about a spy thriller paperback by John S. Glasby (under the alias Manning Robertson) and was wondering about the cover of the book.

Someone called "unk" just posted a comment on the post and mentioned that the Finnish cover of the Glasby book belongs originally to a Swedish Matt Helm translation. (Which means the image is even more unappropriate!) "Unk" also pointed a Donald Hamilton website with lots of information on Hamilton's appearances in print, both in magazines and books, and of course the cover gallery, with lots of foreign covers, including some Finnish ones, with Bertil Hegland's illustrations. Check them out, if you haven't done already. It seems there could be a small volume of previously uncollected Donald Hamilton short stories.


mmtz said...

This is why I shouldn't read book blogs. I wind up spending way too much time searching for more book covers. Here are some Donald Hamilton books covers and their twins.

Juri said...

Högt Spel, Matt Helm and the Finnish translation of the Robertson book aren't exactly the same - the Robertson must've been set according to the earlier Helm cover. I think the guy is even different in the two pictures.