Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Book done and gone

I sent the manuscript for the reference book on writers of historical fiction to the publisher today. I'm really taking a vacation now. It's been hell of a Spring around here and I need a break. So even though I've been posting lazily lately, don't expect anything very sudden.

I started my vacation going book-hunting with Antti Tuomainen who came from Helsinki to visit Turku. He's a crime writer, with two noir novels under his belt - alongside with Tapani Bagge, he's the only noir writer working in Finland nowadays - one that can be taken seriously. It's a real shame his novels haven't been getting enough attention. But I'm digressing here. I found quite a bunch of interesting books, ranging from Donald Goines to Diane Johnson's biography of Hammett and Wayne Dundee's first novel, The Burning Season.

I'm reading Jonathan Maberry's zombie thriller, Patient Zero, and I'm really waiting to get back to it. It's more of a thriller than I really like about a book, but the combat scenes with zombies are very, very thrilling.

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