Friday, May 22, 2009

The new issue of Ruudinsavu

Don't worry, this isn't something I've cooked up lately - it's been on a long journey from a printing house to another: the new issue of Ruudinsavu, the official magazine of the Finnish Western Society. The issue has articles on the little-known western films of Alan Ladd, Italian cartoonist Giorgio Cavazzano, the western book covers of Poika Vesanto (some examples of which I posted here couple weeks back), the Italian cartoon Cocco Bill and the first Finnish western short story. And also lots of other stuff, alongside with five pages of western-related obituaries. It's a good package, once again, even though not one of the best we've come up with.

The cover is by Jari Savolainen. And - oops! - I notice now that there's a wrong name in the magazine. Darn darn darn! There's always something missing my eye. Sorry, Jari!

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