Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New posts on other blogs

I've been busy on the blog front, but I'll just have to post links to my recent posts instead of producing original material here on Pulpetti. Both links are in Finnish.

My essay on the greatness of Carl Barks. My main point: Barks is one of the few (or only even) comic artists that you can read and appreciate and with whose characters you can empathize with, both when you're young and when you're old. (And during the time between, of course.)

The entry for pulp writer Paul Ernst from my 2000 book, Pulpografia. I also snitched Ernst's listing from the Fictionmags Index and posted it here. (I'd link to the Fictionmags Index, but the links don't stay put, which is a pity.) And oh, here's a good review for the recent collection of Ernst's pulp writing. In English.


dereklantin said...

Hi There
I was interested to see that you also review Pulp on your Blog.I am hoping that the rapid growth of E-Books will help to start a new Pulp revival; hopefully the cheap E-Books will become the equivalent of the cheap paper Pulp that proliferated in the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s. Sure those Pulp books were heavily criticized and ridiculed, but as Mickey Spillane apparently said “If the public likes it, you’re good”. (I think he must have known what he was talking about as he sold over 220 million books).
My new book is now completed and was published last month. The book follows the best traditions of the vintage ‘Pulp novels’. The similes and metaphors are outrageous; the language is clipped and colloquial. The men are men and the women are damn glad of it.
Needless to say, the women are fast and dangerous, and the hero is a two-fisted man of action.
The book is aimed at the adult male market; the book provides a means for males to escape to some harmless, male orientated entertainment without being made to feel guilty about doing so.
Come Here… and I’ll Show You” is an adventure-thriller. It is not graphic. It is often amusing, often surprising and always entertaining. The action takes place in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. The book is available as an E-Book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
At the risk of sounding corny, I would describe the book as a ‘rattling good read for real men.’
Let us hope that a revival of the genre is coming.
Derek Lantin

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