Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's Forgotten Book: Juri Nummelin: Outoa huminaa, Joe Novak

I was going through bookshelves to put away some books I don't really need and I found my first novel, the self-published Outoa huminaa, Joe Novak ("It's a Weird Buzz, Joe Novak" or some such in English). I read it and, you know what, it's not half bad. Had someone else written the book, I would've really liked it. I read the whole book (it's only some 90 pages though) in one sitting. There were some clumsy sentences in it, but it was more like an ARC that I read, not the finished product, so I may have cleared those parts. Is there more of this kind of stuff available, short, breezy private eye or other crime novels that have an air of absurdity hovering above them? I've been calling this a mix between Carter Brown and David Lynch.

I was going to skip doing more Joe Novaks, but seems like I've enjoyed doing this so much, I'll have to rethink my decision.

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Todd Mason said...

Well, Ron Goulart and Gahan Wilson (EDDY DECO'S LAST CASE) have certainly contributed to the relevant literature...and such giants as Richard Prather and Robert Leslie Bellem still bring a smile to those who remember...

Juri said...

Yeah, Prather and Bellem would probably make the case. It's about time I reread some Prather.