Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fires on the Plain open for submissions

Cullen Callagher, the mastermind behind the great Pulp Serenade blog, is officially soon launching his new website, Fires on the Plain. It's a webzine for western short stories, and Cullen writes:

What are we looking for? Westerns with an edge. Hardboiled. Noir. Gritty. Dark. Tough. Stuff that Harry Whittington, Clifton Adams, H.A. DeRosso, or Brian Garfield would have written. Who else do we love here at Fires on the Plain? Elmore Leonard, Ed Gorman, James Reasoner, T.V. Olsen, Frank Castle, Tom Piccirilli, George Gilman, Bill Pronzini, Richard Telfair — the list goes on.

So, git your writin' gear and start shootin' those, umm, letters? The site looks promising and I have a good trust on Cullen to find some good noirish writing!

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Cullen Gallagher said...

Thanks, Juri!