Monday, April 09, 2012

Anthology of men's adventure magazine stories

Bob Deis who organizes a very nice Facebook group called Men's Adventure Magazines and maintains a blog about the same issue, is compiling an anthology of the stories from men's adventure mags, take a look here. The list of writers includes Larry Block, Walter Wager, Harlan Ellison, Bruce Jay Friedman and Mario Puzo.


Walker Martin said...

This I have to see to believe. I have hundreds of the mens adventure magazines published during the 1950's and 1960's. I collect them for the cover art and illustrations. Unfortunately I find them completely unreadable.

I've been complaining for quite awhile that I would love to see an anthology of readable stories. Maybe this is it. I hope it is a real book and not a fake book(e-book).

Juri said...

I think it will be a real book. I can ask Bob Deis.

One more name to add to the list: Robert Silverberg! With those authors, I don't think this will be entirely unreadable!

Todd Mason said...

Avram Davidson was unusual in doing actually good, well-researched and well-written work for such magazines, to the amazement of his peers. However, their editors would slip a decent piece of work in from someone when they could, such as an essay from Philip "William Tenn" Klass which had been commissioned by ESQUIRE but then rejected, which appeared in TRUE, and was selected for a Best of the Year anthology, to the glee of both Klass and particularly the TRUE editor.

On the whole, though, yeah, they published a whole lotta crap.

Juri said...

I haven't seen the whole line-up, so I don't know if Davidson is in it, but seems like the book is still in a project phase. I'll keep posting about it.