Thursday, May 18, 2006

Finnish horrorpop from the late seventies

Lordi and Eurovision, eat your heart out, says my friend pHinn when he linked this delightful piece of Finnish schlager called I Wanna Love You Tender (originally in Finnish, of course, but this was intended for international distribution; I don't know how well they did, if at all). It was sung by the duo Armi & Danny. The choreographer here is secured for a place in Hel... er, the history of music videos.

You foreigners, do check this out. You'll be guaranteed to get some bona fide thrills.

And here's a modern take on the video.

The MTV logo at the right is not what you think: it's for the Finnish Mainos-Televisio.

PS. Did I just say I won't post anything until Sunday? Two postings already!

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Todd Mason said...

Well, that is pretty remarkable...if Abba had performed a cabaret version of GREASE with choreography from the Mexican variety show SABADO GIGANTE...or if this had been taken from an episode of the 1970s DONNY & MARIE SHOW...not really the worst music video I've seen, but certainly pretty remarkable. To add to the experience, I played it through my computer as relatively clueless NPR interviewer Terry Gross spoke with Nick Hornby about his most recent novel, A LONG WAY DOWN.