Friday, July 13, 2007

Pistol Valve

From Todd Mason comes this suggestion to check out Pistol Valve, a Japanese hard-rocking band with full brass section.

They remind me of Dino Lee who was a special favourite in the late eighties. I still have two of his LP's on vinyl. Here's he on YouTube. (Bill and James may remember him, too, him being a Texan.)


Anonymous said...

My friend Jeff Segal notes that Lee had something of a film career, at least appearing in BLOOD DINER, a comedic sequel of sorts to HG Lewis's shitball BLOOD FEAST.

Juri said...

Never saw the film and since I'd lost sight of Dino Lee myself in the nineties I didn't know he was in the movies.

Unknown said...

You can catch up with the latest Dino Lee news @