Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Isku and Ässä out

Two of my fiction fanzines are out. Ässä came out just before we headed off to the cabin (more about that later) and Isku is, well, not actually out, but just leaving off to the printers. Ässä (= Ace) contains thirteen flash stories by such authors as CJ Henderson, Duane Swierczynski and Sean Chercover. Stephen Rogers wrote one especially for Ässä (so if there are any Stephen Rogers completists, they'd better ask me for a copy). I have a Joe Novak story in (well, naturally, since I'm the publisher) and there are also two archive finds: a story by Otso Kantokorpi from the Like Uutiset magazine in 1994 (published under the pseudonym Sam Tanner) and a story by Jussi Kylätasku from the Koti-Posti magazine in 1968. Apart from that, there's only one Finnish story, by Petri Laine. If there will be another issue of Ässä, I'll try to get more original Finnish stories.

Isku, the hardboiled crime mag, contains a translation of a story by Bill Crider (to whom warmest greetings) and two flash stories by James Reasoner and David Terrenoire (thanks, guys!) and several Finnish stories one of which is a reprint of the first crime short story the Tampere-based Seppo Jokinen wrote in 1990 (written at that time, but published only in 1994 in a small press magazine) . It's never been reprinted before. There are also new stories by other Finnish writers, such as Tapani Bagge and myself. I have also two lady debutantes, Laura Apell and Elina Mäenpää who both delivered great stories. Elina's story is more a horror story than hardboiled crime, but I don't really care for rigid genre rules.

The cover illos are by Henri Joela (Ässä) and Timo Ronkainen (Isku). They really delivered, too! The Ässä cover is for the story by J.D. Rhoades called "Hundred".
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SusuPetal said...

Just finished reading "Viides testamentti", some great stories and on the whole, an interesting collection of that genre. Will be writing about the book in my photoblog, as soon as I've got time. Nothing deeply analyzing stuff, though, but in an entertaining way:)

Juri said...

Good to hear you liked it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the greetings, Juri, and I'm happy to have my story included in Isku!

Juri said...

It's good to have you, Bill. This is your first Finnish translation since KEEPERS OF THE BEAST. It was in, um, let me see, in 1989. So it was almost 20 years ago! (I'm so sorry that I ran out of space to make a bibliography of your two Finnish appearances in the zine.)

JD Rhoades said...

It's an honor, Juri.

Sean Chercover said...


I am honored to have my story included in your magazine.