Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Travelling is no excuse for not blogging

At least it shouldn't be. Even grandmothers have laptops now and an unlimited access to the net. However I haven't been writing exactly because of we've been travelling. We were at a christening (is that the right word here?) of a friend's newborn baby and then we were at the museum railroad in Humppila (highly recommended if you're into narrow gauge railways; for Kauto it was a bit of a too exhilarating experience and we'll have to come back for more in two or three years) and then we came to visit Elina's parents in Hämeenlinna.

Been doing some digging at local driftstores and charity shops, but nothing much has come out of, except a nice pair of vintage Finnish football shoes from the sixties. They are not very good to walk with, but they sure are nice. (I've found that old sneakers and sports shoes appeal to me and I was already drooling over a pair of the new Adidas Pelé shoes at a sports shop. Since I can't really afford a new pair of sneakers every time I see a nice one, I've been shopping around for used vintage ones.)

I managed to blog a great deal at my other blog: it's an entry for Gil Brewer from my first book, Pulpografia, with a foreword and corrections. Here.

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