Friday, August 24, 2007

TVOD by The Normal

I've been listening to England Dreaming, a collection of pre-punk, punk and post-punk compiled by Jon Savage. One of my favourites in there is "TVOD" by The Normal, a very funny and catchy cheap synth piece. Check it out here - someone's made a nice rock video of his/her own.


Anonymous said...

Haven't thought of the Normal for a while. PBS here had a series for some years called AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE, and one of the better dramams that series offered that didn't get much attention was a comic one about an alternate newspaper cartoonist, his life and loves, called "City News." The Normal's "Warm Leatherette" played during the sex scene. Oh, yes, I miss sex scenes in PBS programming, too. Maybe there was something to be said for the Reagan Era. Clinton's Lewinski blowjobs were such a convenient jumping off (not getting off) point for our New Puritans, after all, always at the ready.

Juri said...

That's a great one, too. I also like the version by Chicks On Speed. (Was it them or some other grrrl band?) Thanks also for the sex and Clinton analysis, sounds convincing.