Thursday, August 02, 2007

I published a winner!

As you well remember, I publish a small bunch of fiction fanzines. One of them, perhaps a one-off magazine, was called Ässä/Ace with thirteen flash fiction crime stories in it. One of the authors translated therein was Christa Faust, whose fame is on the rise, since she'll become early next year the first woman writer to have a book in the Hard Case Crime line. Today I realized that she won one of the media tie-in writers' association's Scribe awards, namely the best adapted screenplay (with Snakes on a Plane!). As I said to someone today: don't say I don't know what I'm doing! Faust's story in Ässä is "Hit Me" and it's about the same, hm, cultural institutions as her forth-coming Hard Case novel: porn industry and prostitution. The story hits really hard. (I should also thank my ever-reliable translator and a personal friend, Lotta, who did good job with Faust's story. Thanks, mate!)

PS. Check out also the other contesters.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! She really hits it. Hard.

Thanks for the thanks :) I'm generally reliable enough, it's just my memory that sometimes isnt...