Sunday, November 09, 2008

And check out also these dudes

Anders posted elsewhere another link to the horror that's also known as the Swedish dance bands. Check it out. This takes some time, but it's absolutely worth every minute.


Anders E said...

It's not only dorky looking Swedes from ca 1978, as you probably have seen already.

Just gotta tip you about the two latest entries - a couple of absolutely jaw-droppingly awful sleeves from early 80s UK disco trio Imagination. Oh. My God.

And the lads had videos to match!

Pretty catchy tune, actually. But the visuals!

And yes - some of these word verifications look like proper words in an unknown language. This time: "prumcons"

Juri said...

Had to stop listening to The Stooges to check that out - but hey, the song was really good!

The visuals differ from the Swedish ones quite radically - these Imagination dudes were very polished and quite fit, which doesn't really describe the Swedish dance bands.

Another word up: prebrumm. Sounds something Lord Dunsany might've come up with. Prebrumm, The Viking Warrior.

Juri said...

And the vikings gather up in prumcons!