Saturday, November 01, 2008

I'm making changes in my blog policy

All the time I've been blogging at Pulpetti (or is it "on Pulpetti"?), I've felt awkward about the bilingual nature of my blog. It seems to me that some of my Finnish readers or even my friends are not very interested in the pulp/hardboiled aspect of this blog and commenting to a English-language blog post seems strange to them. I've posted some stuff in Finnish here - on politics or some other topical, well, topics and some such -, but I've felt they don't really fit in here. (And my English-speaking readers have absolutely no clue what they are about, even though almost every Finnish reader here knows what I'm talking about when I'm writing in English.)

So I'm making some changes. Nothing big and the pulp stuff keeps on coming, that's for sure, but I'm directing my Finnish-language posts to another blog. I'm not setting up a new blog, but I'll be posting my stuff about politics and shit to the Julkaisemattomia/The Unpublished blog that I've had for some years now as some sort of a sidekick blog. Now it'll become the main blog for my Finnish-speaking blog posts. So, all the stuff about my personal life, national politics or some such will be there. I won't promise I'll post there often, but I'll be peppering the blog with what was the purpose of the blog in the first place: my unpublished stuff or stuff that was published in too ephemeral places for a general reader to find. (Peppering? That's some spicy stuff, I'll tell you...)

We'll see how this keeps on working. And don't worry: if I'll be drawing any new comics about the adventures of Ottilia and Kauto, I'll be posting them here.

Okay, I run into trouble already - got to thinking where I'll post the old Finnish pulp and paperback covers (and I have a patch of vintage Finnish pin-up illos coming). Umm... Decided! I'll post them here. The Julkaisemattomia blog will remain a rather non-visual blog.


JD Rhoades said...

That's cool. I actually liked the Finnish posts, even though I don't understand a word of it becuase it's a beautiful language, whether written or spoken.

Todd Mason said...

And I've always hoped you'd translate or simultaneously post in English your Finnish observations. I suppose I could actually go study Finnish, as un-Yank as that reads. (Not fluent in Spanish, and can read Italian jazz reviews...haven't I polyglotted enough? And I can still ask how you are in badly-toned Mandarin...)

Todd Mason said...

At or On will do, though I think the trend would be "on Pulpetti".

Juri said...

Todd: your suggestion is good (and I think I've done it once or twice), but it requires quite a lot of work and time. (I seem to remember you once asked about Finnish movies - there's some stuff on them at, but maybe you know that already.)