Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Some newish Finnish magazine illos

I've been editing a collection of Veikko Hannuniemi's sea stories for a book. Hannuniemi was a sea captain stationed in Turku and he wrote short stories from the late thirties to the late sixties. He also has three sea novels to his name. One wonders why he is so little-known today - the man wrote at least hundred short stories. The novels aren't bad either.

This is about something different however, but related to him. Here are two illustrations from the Koti-Posti magazine he contributed to. Both are signed "pk" and are, to my mind, very good pin-uppish illos, with a somewhat modern slant to them. I don't know who "pk" was, but I'd really like to find out. His line is very assured and easy at the same time.

Sorry about the poor scans. I took photocopies at the university library and scanned them, with some colours totally fading out of the picture. Will try to come up with better ones.
Edit: The illustrator in question is one Pentti Korpilinna. Näin kirjoitti kuvittaja ja sarjakuvantekijä Timo Kokkila:
Juri kyseli kuka pk-signeerauksella piirtänyt tyyppi oli. Eiköhän se ole Pentti Korpilinna, s 1930. Parhaat pilapiirtäjämme-kirjassa on pieni esittely, muuta en miehestä tiedäkään. Kirjan mukaan mm. piirsi ja pakinoi monet vuodet Kotipostiin.

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