Thursday, February 26, 2009

A short Ed Gorman film

Here's a short amateur film from a short story by Ed Gorman. It's quite good and the story is touching, almost not a crime story at all. Directed by John Shane. (By the way, does anyone notice how Gorman salutes one of his favourite writers? It's quite obvious, when you know what you're looking for.)


Ed Gorman said...

You got me--which writer do I salute? Thanks Ed

Juri said...

Richard Neely! The man in the film is called Neely. It didn't strike me as a common name - but Googling I find several. Still, knowing your preferences...

Neely's not known in Finland, even though the film SHATTERED was shown here in theaters.

Word Up: "Warbinde" sounds like a heavy metal album of the eighties.