Saturday, June 06, 2009

Jason Starr's Fake I.D.

Cullen Callagher's very thorough and thoughtful review of one of my all-time noir favourites, Jason Starr's Fake I.D. I couldn't agree more with Cullen.

I had a chance to pick up the No Exit edition from the Finnish Academic Bookstore at their sale for five euros and read it and fell in love with it and have been following Jason's career ever since. Then, some years later, I read somewhere that the original UK edition (for long there wasn't any other) is a collector's item and, sure enough, when I checked Abebooks, there was only one copy for something like 50 euros. (Or maybe even 80.) At the time I'm writing this, there are only the new Hard Case Crime copies in Abebooks. Which means: More power to Hard Case Crime! I think this is one of their most important books, reprint or original. And it's obviously been so rare that it's practically an original.

As some of the followers of this blog might remember, I've translated Fake I.D. and finally next Spring it will see its Finnish publication.

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