Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Google translation

Okay, here's a Google translation of my Ellroy interview if you want to take a look. It's pretty bad and awkward and there are some Finnish words in there, but take a look anyway. I've never done this before and don't know how long the link will work.


Todd Mason said...

Toimituspäälliköille Tip: if you want to receive a generous James Ellroy interview, you may want to send something woman.

--Yep, that sounds like Babelfish to've seen my attempts to get it to translate Finnish into English in the past...I'll certainly accept something woman, if you wish to ask her to come along...

Todd Mason said...

Ellroy, only slightly scrambled: History will show that he is one of the greatest of Americans. Hän on parhaiden amerikkalaisten presidenttien listalla. He is the best American presidents rank. Hän kukisti Neuvostoliiton. He defeated the Soviet Union.

--Typical airhead bullshit. The Soviet Union defeated itself. Reagan, for his part, did his best to destroy acceptable government here, and put as much of the public's money in private hands as possible.

Juri said...

Todd: yeah, you're right. I was thinking I'd do the translation myself, but I'm rather swamped in other business (i.e. custody problems), so I thought I'd spare myself.

The first line means that if you want to have a good interview with Ellroy, send a woman reporter. "Toimituspäälliköille Tip" means "A tip to the editors".

As for the Soviet Union, you're right about that, too. A lot of people have been saying that Reagan did what Ellroy says he did, for example with starting the Star Wars program (which made the Soviets spend more of their money in missiles and such), but in the final analysis they destroyed them all by themselves.