Monday, February 22, 2010

Marton Taiga's SF stories

Posted a little bibliographic piece on a Finnish pulp writer, Marton Taiga, and his science fiction stories on another blog of mine here.


Todd Mason said...

Are they good?

And, as I asked in response to your comment on my Borges and Calvino post, have you read them mostly in Finnish, English or otherwise?

Juri said...

Well, Todd, I haven't really read them - yet I'm supposed to be compiling a book of them. I can read them, of course. One of his later stories from the early sixties was published in a book form in the eighties, but I thought it was a bore. But then again, Marton Taiga (that's a 'nym, his real name was Martin Löfberg) was old by that time and his creative days were long gone. I'm waiting for some mild, pleasing entertainment from his older works.

As for Borges: I've read him in Finnish. We've had some very good translations of his work (even a good collection of his poetry). I've got some of Borges's books in English, but haven't tackled them yet. Calvino also in Finnish. I'll go check your blog.

Todd Mason said...

Cool. "Taiga," in any polar nation, is a pretty suspect surname, all right...kinda like a tropical-island-based writer named "Coral."

Juri said...

Yeah, but I think he invented travelling in Central Europe in the late twenties. ;)