Friday, February 05, 2010

James Ellroy and me: on Sunday

I'll be interviewing none other than James Ellroy on coming Sunday - he's on PR tour and will be in Finland for two days, with at least two public performances. I'm wildly excited and very, very, VERY nervous about this and I'm pretty much afraid I'll screw up something.

Any hints, folks? Is there someone who's interviewed Ellroy? How can one stop his panty-sniffin' act and get to the point? I've got only half an hour for this and I'm afraid we'll spend it listening to him howling.


SusuPetal said...

Oh, wonderful! Lucky you, although I understand that you are nervous.
I woukd die if I'd had to interview him.

Please, say hello to him and tell him that Susu is his greatest fan!!!

Anders E said...

I understand you being nervous. If he decides for some reason decides to do his tiresome old Demon Dog shtick things could get quite awkward indeed. I guess the right way is to just talk to him like one intelligent adult to another. If he decides to be a jerk, well, that's not your fault.

Btw, Ellroy in Turku? That's almost as good as Sinatra performing in Finspång in '53 or The Sex Pistols playing a local disco in Kristinehamn in '77 (yes, those things really happened). I expect a full report sometime next week. Including photos.

K V Laihonen said...

you're dead meat, dude - after the Demon Dawg's finished with you...

Rittster said...


You've probably already done this, but the best thing I can suggest is to just watch and read the various interviews he's done (plenty are available on the internet), or re-watch any Ellroy documentaries you have.
I've probably seen his public appearances 7 or 8 times during the past 10 years (since I live near Los Angeles, I've had the opportunity to see the "demon dog" more than crime fiction fans who don't live in the area), and can tell you that during those 10 years, his schtick has varied very little. Yes, he will howl. He will be outrageously but hilariously profane. He loves to put on a good show and play the provacateur. Having said all that, I've never seen him be rude to an interviewer.

To reiterate: if you're familiar with his past interviews, you'll pretty much know what to expect.

The only other thing I'd suggest is to just have fun. I really think you'll do just fine.

I'm rooting for you!

P.S. Afterward, if there are any memorable moments you can post on your blog, it would be great to read them.

Juri said...

Anders: I'll go to Helsinki to meet him, of course. He's having two public performances in there on Monday and Tuesday.

Rittster: I watched quite many of his interviews and will watch many more. Seems like he's getting older - he's mellowed down. But you'll never know. Thanks for rooting for me! I need everything!

I was thinking I'll record the interview and might ask him the permission to put it on-line. If he declines - or I'm too nervous to ask -, I'll just do a write-up of what happened.

Susu: need an autograph? I was actually thinking if I could ask him to sign a book - and what book would that be? It would take too long for him to sign all his books that I have. If I should concentrate only on one book of his, what would that be? I think it would have to be THE BIG NOWHERE.

SusuPetal said...

The big nowhere absolutely!

It's so fun: you've been interviewing me (via mail) and now it's Ellroy's turn. It's hilarious :)

It will go fine, I'm sure of that.

Juri said...

I'm still thinking THE BIG NOWHERE, yeah, definitely that one.