Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday's Forgotten Book: Livia Reasoner: The Vampire Affair

I won this book from Livia Reasoner, James Reasoner's wife, some years ago in a blog or a Facebook contest. I got around to reading it only now, but luckily it still seems to be available as an e-book, though I believe these Silhouette books have a short shelf life.

This is the only paranormal Silhouette book Livia has written, but I don't know why this is, since The Vampire Affair is a solid book, fast-paced thriller with enough vampires, romance and erotic love. It's a clearly work of a professional. The main characters are a young and eager female journalist and a mysterious millionaire who turns out to be a vampire hunter and a bit of a vampire himself. This may sound cliched (and indeed many parts of the book are), but Reasoner writes deftly and keeps the story running. The book is quite short, so the cliches don't get in the way. In the end Livia throws some American Indian mystique in the mix, and it works, too!

The Vampire Affair could've also easily started a series, since both major characters could well play leading parts in coming books as well. Here's hoping it will happen!

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Livia J Washburn said...

Thanks Juri. Seriously doubt there'll be any sequels. In the time spent rewriting this book two more novels could have been written. Frustratingly the rewrites didn't make it a better book. After the next book hit 3 complete rewrites in the chapters and outline stage, (they required 50 pages of manuscript each time)I turned down the chance to rewrite the outline again.

Juri said...

Thanks for your comment, Livia. I can understand that kind of stuff gets irritating!