Monday, January 03, 2005

Bad sleeping

Usually people have a vacation when they need rest. I decided to start working again when I found out that the vacation had lost its power and was sleeping badly. I don't know what caused it - was it the Christmas lights or was it just stress over Christmas ending or something like that. Whatever it was, I switched off the (stupid) Xmas lights and started working today at 6:05. I wrote bits of the new ending for my human relationship novel and then I started doing the layout for my own magazine, Pulp (which comes out four times a year and handles pulp fiction). Then Kauto and Elina woke up and I spent some time with them. Then I did some more work. Now I'm feeling washed out. This blogging seems to be somekind of excuse to delay going to sleep.

I'm listening to Pepe DeLuxe's "Beatitude" which has quite nice moments in it, but as in Don Johnson Big Band, I'm having mixed thoughts. The groove bits are great, but when they slow down, it becomes a bit stereotypical and, hm, yes, boring.

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