Wednesday, January 05, 2005


It seems that I ramble here about music I listen to when I work. Now it was Flamin' Groovies, a band I hadn't previously heard. Their reputation has been great, so I thought that this might be kind of stuff. Sadly, no. It was very light surfish pop, with some good melodies thrown in, but I seem to have grown out of this kind of thing. The guitar riff in "Teenage Head" (great title, BTW!) is absolutely spot on, but I think Lime Spiders played it better in their cover version (or was it Miracle Workers?).

Earlier today I listened to John Cale's collection "The Island Years". His version of "Heartbreak Hotel" was very good and impressive.

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Juri said...

Thanks for rambling, Todd. My parents wouldn't give in with any kind of rock music, even though my dad once said that he kind of likes Kauko Röyhkä, a Finnish artist who makes somewhat Velvet Underground influenced rock.