Friday, January 28, 2005

Talkkuna book; human relations; working

I just received pages of the forth-coming talkkuna book we've written together, Elina and I. It looks very nice indeed, with photos by Tero and Susanna, our friends. We plan to work together with them in the near future and we've been commissioned to do a book on flea markets and second hand shops. That should be fun. And we've also been thinking about a book on t-shirts, history and design. I don't know, though, if the books on clothes are sellable in Finland.


I stumbled upon some other blogs yesterday. I found out that someone keeps a blog about how he cheats on his wife and why. (It's at if someone wants to take a look. It's in Finnish.) Very interesting, even though my heart is on the woman's side. The guy clearly cannot speak to his wife, hence he goes out, has a lunch with a woman and takes her into a hotel afterwards. She had pretty panties! You see - his wife doesn't have.

It's interesting to note that there's been a cultural switch. Earlier women talked about how bad men look and complained that they should change and stop wearing white sports socks, now it's men complaining about women who gain weight after childbirth and wear not enough make up. I don't really know if it's fair, but it seems that no one is ever happy. If both men and women were equal socially, then I think this kind of think would be useless, but now the way you look tells about how you act and are situated in society. The better you look, the more you are appreciated.


I had a pretty good working day today. I translated whole five pages of Starr's novel and it went smoothly. Then I wrote some two or three pages of my own novel and introduced a new character. She seemed like a nice person. Then I checked the proofs of the talkkuna book. I think that's pretty good. I'll have to attend to some other business later today, so it will have to do.


The sad news today was that Color Blind James has died. He was the lead man of the ColorBlind James Experience, the band I knew only by one song - and I love the song! I decided that, finally, after all these years (I must've taped the song in 1989), I check the band in the net. Just to find out that Color Blind James is dead. But the site is at

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