Saturday, September 03, 2005

Comment spam

I was attacked by comment spams. At first I thought that hey, this is great, four comments on my great posts about British paperback writing. But no, it was some shitheads advertising stupid commercial sites. Jerks! I took the comments off and set up the word verification for posting comments - you have to recognize the words the machine offers you before you get to write your comments.

I told my friend Jussi about these matters, since he studies computer viruses and spam - the cultural history of them etc. - and these comment spams are quite a new phenomenon. I'm sure he will write an article about this, revealing what it's all about and what it tells about the society we live in.

Jussi is very fond of dada spam, those posts that are only about random sentences and vaguely concealed commercial messages. Here's one I just got:

Anonymous said...
Angelina Jolie gets in mama-bear mode
Suzanne Condie Lambert The Arizona Republic Sept. 2, 2005 08:20 AM
Angelina Jolie is thinking of taking a British tabloid to court over a report that daughter Zahara's birth mother is alive.
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Wonderful, huh?

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