Monday, September 19, 2005

My hit movie, coming soon

Thanks to Lee Goldberg, here's the synopsis of my forth-coming movie, Die Die My Loved One:

Die Die My Loved One
an original screenplay concept
by Yuri Nummelin
A shell-shocked war vet teams up with an alcoholic ex-CIA agent to investigate dirty cops on the take. In the process they have mad passionate sex with a kind hearted prostitute. By the end of the movie they have sex with 6 cars [??? - jn] and end up winning the admiration of their co-workers [???? - jn], living happily ever after.
Think Die Hard meets Citizen Kane.


And here's what I was promised by the Plot-O-Matic:

How to make a million: Print this page now. Make a copy, send it to your favorite movie studio, and before you know it an armored car will pull up to your door and unload bag after bag of beautiful green entertainment bucks. And they'll be yours to do whatever you wish!

(It seems that I didn't get all the things straight and maybe I'll have to dabble with some plot holes in that, but all in all, it seems pretty good to me. The title is great, even though someone might say is sounds like a Lion paperback from the early fifties. Who cares? Where's the dough?)

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