Sunday, September 25, 2005

Family comix

Ottilia was with us this weekend and we spent a nice leisurely hour drawing our own comics. Ottilia thinks I'm a good artist and tell good stories with my pen - ha! Here's an example what I did today. It's called Asterix Goes Bananas (Asterix Sekoilee, in Finnish).

What he says goes something like this:

Hubba hubba!
Look at me! Blah!
It's great to go bananas!

And then comes Obelix, his mate (I especially like how I succeeded with him). He asks: "What are you going crazy for?"

"I had too much magic potion", says Asterix. And: "Someone took my helmet!" [I realized only at this point that I'd been drawing a wrong kind of helmet for him. The real one is the one flying out of the picture - with wings.]

Obelix says: "I saw it fly away."

At this point I was going to draw an extreme close-up of Asterix shouting crazily, but for some reason it really doesn't deliver. I'm enthusiastic about the third frame, though.

This isn't the first Asterix fan comic I've done (hey, is Lee Goldberg reading this?). The first one I made was about Asterix having trouble cleaning up. He says to Obelix: "I have a headache", and there are bottles and clothes lying around. Obelix has a solution: he throws one of the big rocks he's carrying (what are they in English? menhirs?) on Asterix's house and says: Now you don't have to clean.


Tosikko said...

Hienot sarjakuvat! Pidän erityisesti Asterixin räyhärepliikeistä. Lisää tätä!

Juri said...

Voin koettaa löytää sen vanhemman Asterixini, jossa Asterixilla on krapula.

Huomasin muuten tänään Hesarista, että Asterixillahan on paita (tai oikeastaan toppi!). Sarjakuvassani hän on siis heittänyt senkin pois.