Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A job offer

I got a curious phone call today. A young woman from the Finnish Broadcasting Association (YLE, the state-owned broadcasting company, two main TV channels and one digital) asked me whether I would like to come to audition for a host of this new cinema program they'll be having at the digital channel.

Now, you think I said "yes" right away. It's not that simple. I've been as a host on TV once before and the experience was horrendous - chaotic, horribly planned and scripted. (The thing is not even in my CV.) And I like more to write - well, I like to talk about my own work, but this would require talking about someone else's work.

I said to myself that I can go to the audition, because that will sure turn me down. No chance after they see me mutter: "Do you think that Husserl was right pointing out that our phenomenon of existence is convenient when one wants to discuss your acting in the movie by Michael Bay?"

But what should I do if they, even after that, call me and tell me I'm the one?

Elina was thrilled. Tapani said it would suit me just fine. I don't know myself. I'm not the guy who jumps every opportunity - I once turned down an almost certain job when Ottilia was born, since it would've required moving out of Turku and being less at home with the family.

But then again - it would pay the bills. And I'd be on TV. A great celebrity - yeah!

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Tosikko said...

Kävi miten kävi, upea tarjous! Onneksi olkoon! Muistakaamme vanha viisaus, että humanistia tullaan hyvin harvoin hakemaan kotoa töihin. Ei se mihinkään velvoita, mutta mahtava juttu yhtä kaikki.