Monday, October 24, 2005

Kauto; new blog

Kauto's sleep school is still on route. It's been four rather sleepless nights. Luckily we switched turns with Elina and I've slept two last nights in the living room. Kauto is sleeping better, though, and it's become obvious that he doesn't really need breast during the night. It's just a habit.

I opened up a new blog for writings that have been unpublished or remain in limbo or have been published decades ago (well, could be something from -85; I think I did something already back then)* or in something too obscure for people to know about it. I'll post anything, from prose and poetry to reviews and essays.

It's mainly in Finnish, though. It may have something in English in the future, you'll never know. It's here. It's called Julkaisemattomia/Unpublished.

* I most certainly did! I did a story about new Soviet cars in -85! I'd read an article about those in a car magazine (I read those as a kid) and I wrote some kind of story for the newspaper my dad was working for at the time (for which I started doing movie reviews two years later). In -86 I did a book review, my first, about the Alanen brothers' book on horror movies, Musta peili/The Black Mirror.

PS. By the way: I fooled around with the template and I'm not really satisfied with how the blog looks, but I don't know how to change it!

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