Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A new entry

I just posted a new entry on my other blog.

I mention there my new book, which I already mentioned here in passing. It's a trunk collection of essays that I tried to get published in 1997-1998 and then again in 2004. It's about small essays about everyday life that I wrote for the Tampere student union paper, Aviisi, in 1995-1997. I decided to publish it myself as a small booklet. The book is called Banalologioita: esseitä mitättömästä (Banalologies: Essays on the Insignificant), which is a commemoration to Roland Barthes's influential Mythologies from the fifties. There are mini-essays about such things as sneezing and eating box lunches in public.

I'll be giving and selling the book to my friends, but if you want it, e-mail me at juri.nummelin at pp.inet.fi. It won't be available until next week, though.

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