Monday, October 17, 2005

Work related stuff

Just a quick note (as if I could write those):

I'm back on (almost) normal schedule. Finished the pulpy SF story today and had fun with it - hope not too much. Have still to edit it a bit and then I send it to Jukkahoo to judge it whether it merits publication. I also did two or three pages for my P.I. novel in which the "hero" reveals his past while sitting in a pub and looking at all those stupid drunks sitting next to him. I almost plot as I go. I have a very short outline somewhere (I can't find it, though), but the stuff about the man just keeps coming to me. He's an asshole and I haven't been able to give him any redeeming abilities, so it could quite depressing to read. Well, he's nice to her business neighbour, an old lady running a drugstore.

I also got the new movie book going, at last. I did some two pages about the early years of cinema. (Or actually the archaeology stuff, pre-1895.)

It's just the lousiest e-mail day ever! People, what's with you?

And Ed Gorman is quitting his blog. It's a damn shame. And Matti Wuori died. But I still keep chuckling over the idea of producing novelizations of the Visa Mäkinen films.

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