Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy holidays

Heading off for holidays early tomorrow morning and pretty busy with shopping and family today, so:

May Santa protect us!

PS. Was Christmas shopping already yesterday and found Westlake's Two Much (a nice Crest edition), Fred Zackel's much-praised P.I. novel Cocaine and Blue Eyes and couple old Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines (in Finnish). I also purchased two paperback translations of Erle Stanley Gardner's A.A. Fair books that are being reprinted by Hard Case Crime. Am heading soon towards the duplicate shop of Åbo Akademi's (the Swedish-speaking university of Turku) library. They sell books for 20 cents! Yummy!

I also bought the seventies' (actually the only one) translation of Edgar Wallace's, Merian Cooper's and Delos Lovelace's (who he?) King Kong. Will scan the Matti Louhi cover when we return.

My holiday reading will consist of Allan Guthrie's Two-Way Split and James Michael Ullman's The Neon Haystack (1963). I remember liking it very much some 16-17 years ago.

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