Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ken Bulmer is dead

British science fiction and action writer Kenneth Bulmer has died. Born in 1921 and starting out in fanzines in the early fourties, Bulmer had quite a long career. Mostly known for his SF, he also wrote westerns, war novels, sea stories, etc. Even a series about the Falkland war!

The novel on the left, Galactic Intrigue, was published by Panther in 1953 (that's the copyright year and only year I can find in the book). The copy on the book says:

When Brent, son of old-man Brent of the Galactic Press, leaves Earth for a holiday on the far planet of Luralye, he travels by Matter Transmitter - a sensational new means of interstellar travel which breaks its passengers down into atoms and re-assembles them at their destination.

But there are powerful groups in the Galaxy who do not intend the Matter Transmitter to succeed - particularly the huge spaceship concerns that still dominate the space-ways - and when Brent steps out of the Transmitter on Luralye, with a beautiful violet-eyed girl, he finds himself involved in this desperate struggle for power.

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