Sunday, December 25, 2005

Just a quick note

We got today back from Elina's parents where we spent three days. Kauto seemed to miss Matti and Karin later today when they had left and had a short relief only when we dug out some pictures of his granddad. Lots of presents, mainly for Kauto. Lots of booze, but not as much as during earlier Xmas parties, since Elina wasn't quite well. Lots of chocolate and ham. I have a massice case of dyspepsia. I'm eating Rennies like the guy in Ray Banks's The Big Blind.

Read most of James Michael Ullman's The Neon Haystack. Will report back on that.

Was shopping for Xmas in the university library duplicate sale - came back with over 20 books. Will report back. A snappy flea market tour in Toijala on Thursday on our way to Hämeenlinna. Nothing spectacular, though. Saw Tapani and his family briefly. Tapani gave me the Hard Case Crime and Point Blank Press books he had ordered me from Abebooks (I have no credit card). I'm looking to forward to reading them. Will report etc.

Tapani and his folks have a furless dog. Kauto was enthusiastic about it and even tried to say "koira/dog" when the thing vanished downstairs. Do we have to have a dog in the future?

Our mutual gifts with Elina received today. Lots of fun and stupid stuff, such as the Garfield playing cards from 1978, in an almost mint condition. Kauto got his hands on them and chewed bits off from some of them. I must be the only person in the world who got two old plastic freezer boxes for Christmas!

Isku came from the printers just on Wednesday. The jerks had done an earlier version that had some mistakes in it - one in my own story in which a map suddenly switches hands! Must ask for revisions.

Did some vanity google tonight. Found a negative review of The White Heat. Will report back on that, too (but perhaps only in Finnish).

Don't know when I'll post again, but in the meantime: have a nice after-Xmas!

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