Monday, June 26, 2006

Author sucks

As you've probably surmised, I've had something else to think about than blogging. Mainly I've been thinking that I suck. There have been days when I've been thinking that I can't write, that I'm no good for this business, that I should be doing something entirely different, etc. etc. I've been saying to myself that what I should do is stop about thinking a career in fiction.

This was largely due to the Dostoyevsky Reel manuscript which I peeked at after printing it and it looked awful. Even though there is now a possibility of getting it published (now that it's situated in Finland, not just some America pastiche), it seems worse than the original Joe Novak version which relied on stock characters, but this should have totally original characters. It seems there are none. The dialogue is awful and there's no tension between the characters.

I'll keep saying to myself that rewriting may change everything. Here's hoping.. here's certainly hoping.

Ah well. I guess this happens to all the writers around the world. Is there a writer's guide that says how to get over your writer's blues?

There have been two events recently that merit a mention: I'm going to write a story for my friend Tapani to look at if it's suitable for publication for a forth-coming crime anthology he's editing. I received today a sizable sum of money - royalties from the previous name book I wrote with Elina.

I also finished today some test entries for a new name book - it's about Biblical first names. I'll send it our publisher tomorrow. We'll see what happens.


Tosikko said...

Hei, häntä pystyyn! Ja mitä näitä tsemppauslatteuksia nyt onkaan. Kyllä se kaunokirjallinen läpimurtokin vielä koittaa. Kjfiqfho!

Juri said...


Unknown said...

Congratulations on receiving that nice sum of money. I would think something like that would go a long way toward curing those blues. And sometimes you re-read something and discover that it's not half bad. That helps.

Juri said...

Thanks, Bill, for your nice words - even though you've never read anything I've written (except for this blog stuff and e-mails and such). Money sure helps - I've spent lots of it in books and new clothes... What actually helps is getting new stuff on its way.