Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My ex-Joe Novak novel

Finished the first draft of the Finlandisized version of my old Joe Novak novel, The Dostoyevsky Reel. It's now about Harri Tanner, a reporter whose friend asks him to look into some matters that concern a missing one-reeler. It's set in the early sixties and there's lots of discussion over movies and auteur theory etc., but hopefully not too much. It was saddening to give up all the fascinating Hollywood stuff, since the stuff made here in Finland has never been as fascinating to me.

It's a bit shorter than the American version with Joe Novak, but it's still only 37 000 words, which would make it a good Ace Double, as I said here earlier. I don't know if this is any better than the American version, but at least it's more marketable. I'm sending this off to a crime novel contest after reading and rewriting it first.

Here's also a mock cover I made for it some time ago. I've more or less given up the thought of publishing this myself. (May have to think about this twice, if I can't get it published.)

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