Monday, June 12, 2006

Thanks for the fish

I got a fishbone in my throat last night. I had to go to a doctor, since I couldn't get it out myself. She couldn't see it, because it was too deep in there. She said that if it's still there in the morning, I could go and have it taken away in anaesthesia, which was a thought I didn't really like.

Luckily it was gone by morning, since I'd promised to take Ottilia to her swimming school at 8:30. After swimming myself for an hour or so, I've been very tired all day, but for some reason I couldn't fall asleep even though I tried twice. And I haven't really been able to do any work. I also have a bit of headache, which probably comes from too much sun.

I started another James Hadley Chase (Knock, Knock, Who's There, from early seventies) after finishing his What's Better Than Money? (1960). It was one of the best Chases I've read, even though there were many implausibilities and some of the scenes were just plain stupid, but in this Chase was able to build suspension. The ending was flat, though. I'll post the Finnish cover later on. (I don't know if the cover here is an original one. And it's dark as hell.)

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