Friday, July 14, 2006

Finally the Perutz cover

Here's the Finnish cover for Leo Perutz's and Paul Frank's Das Mangowunderbaum (note: not "Der", as I wrote earlier, but "Das"; I'm not very good at German). I suppose it's by Hugo Trentsch, but I'm not sure. The book was published as a part of the series called Kymmenen markan romaaneja/Ten Mark Novels, which concentrated on cheap popular literature.

One other item in the series is an early French gang novel Vainottu/Hunted by Francis Carco which I'm about to read, em, in a year or a decade or two. I believe one of Carco's novels was published in the legendary Black Lizard noir series in the eighties. (And it turns out that I was right.)


Zu said...

Hi! I found your blog cause I´m a huge fan of leo perutz and I have been trying to find all this work. I dont know if you know, but I thought it was worth to ask, do you know if this book has an edition in English? I have read that there was just a german version so I´m surprised to see there´s one in finnish as well... anyway, thanks a lot and sorry for the unrequired message :-)

Zu said...

hi! thank you for your response. Actually, this book was called in english "the miracle of the mango" but it hasnt been translated (or at least I thought) to any language cause it was one of his early jobs. I had seen that page but I havent find there or anywhere the book, its a shame I dont speak finnish, hehe.. anyway thanks a lot for your help :-)