Sunday, July 16, 2006

More Asterix comics from yours truly

Almost a year ago I posted some Asterix traversies I'd made while drawing with Ottilia. I promised then that I'd post another, older one in which Asterix is having a hangover. I couldn't find it at first and now when Ottilia dipped into some boxes last weekend it came to light. Here it is, for your (rather dubious) pleasure. It's called "Asterix and the Cleaning Day".

Asterix: Oh, it's so dirty! Obelix, come help me!
Obelix (throws an obelisk).
Asterix: What are you doing?
(The obelisk crushes Asterix's house.)
Obelix: Now you won't have to clean!
Asterix (angry): Darn!

Edit: Due to the Finnish Ä signs, the scan didn't first show bigger. I changed the title of the document and now it's clickable.

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