Friday, June 01, 2007

A Finnish review of Plunder of the Sun

Lurker at Populaari noted the quite negative review of Plunder of the Sun that's screening today on Finnish TV. The reviewer, Timo Peltonen, wrote that the plot behind the film is stupid, and he said it was the fault of the book that's basis for the film: David Dodge's hardback novel of the same name, from 1949.

Now, I've read several novels by David Dodge and can tell that they are of pretty high quality, of funny and wise-cracking hardboiled adventure variety. His novel To Catch a Thief (which peculiarly has never been translated in Finnish, despite being filmed by Hitchcock) is also outstanding, a very good adventure novel. And what's more interesting is that Plunder of the Sun came out rather recently as a paperback, by the deservedly famous Hard Case Crime, with a nice cover. At least Timo should've Googled for the book and found out about this pretty good review by Bill Crider - or this, also a very positive one. Here's also a nice site that David Dodge's daughter keeps.
Of course Timo is entitled to his opinion, but it seems there's a lack of cultural knowledge behind the negative review. Another reviewer, Tapani Maskula of the Turun Sanomat, gave the film three stars (out of five) - he knows the classical Hollywood cinema from A to Z and knew how to put the film into context.

PS. Oh my God! Christa Faust's Money Shot already has a cover. Check it out! Awesome!


Lurker said...

I must say that callin' Glen Ford "bland" was a bit too much for me to bear with. Maltin's Movie Guide gives this movie two and a half stars: "Competent cast in above-average going-on."

Juri said...

Yeah, well, maybe Ford is bland in this. Good actors make bad performances from time to time. But we'll see. I haven't seen the film myself and I will tape it tonight, which usually means I'll never see it, but you never know...

Peter Rozovsky said...

I'm weak on Finno-Ugric languages, so I can't comment on the negative review of Plunder of the Sun or on your accusing the reviewer of cultural ingnorance. I can tell you that I enjoyed the novel very much. It was more than competent, and even a reader who is no thriller fan might enjoy the clever and humorous touches. In fact, I should try to rent the movie.

I can also refer you to some comments on my blog about David Dodge, at
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Juri said...

This was one of those instances where I thought it would be wiser to write in Finnish, but for some reason didn't do that. Oh well, here went nevertheless.