Monday, June 18, 2007

My winner story up

The story with which I was one of the winners of the short story contest is now up at the Usvazine website. Check it out here. For the foreigners reading this, there's a special international issue in English here. (It seems that there might be some trouble loading the PDF's, but you never know what works for you.)

There are some things about my story that I should've thought about more, but here goes nevertheless.

Edit: now the PDF of the international issue is loadable. Sorry for the mess. Grab the stories, maybe you'll like some of them. Most of the stories are in the speculative fiction class, some are maybe new weird.

Edit: do you think it was classy to point out my pulp fanzines in the afterword to my own story? I'm getting confused about it myself.


jukkahoo said...

It's there all right. Youse just found the page where there is no link to the actual pdf, unlike all the other similar explanation pages.

The real deal can be found here:

Woerde Up: bwyek

Juri said...

Okay, I'll switch that, thanks!