Sunday, January 06, 2008

My diary from 1995

I have this other blog, called Julkaisemattomia/The Unpublished. The main point was to post pieces that I've written and have been left unpublished, but I've been posting every other piece I've come across from old disks and such (almost everything has been in Finnish). When it started to seem that I'm running out of stuff, I dug out the diary I kept from October 1995 to May 1996. I've posted two entries from the diary on the blog (in Finnish, of course). I don't know if it's any interest to anyone else, but we'll see. I'll have to take away lots of material about my personal matters - I had lots of trouble with love affairs at that time and sometimes I think I should've taken a different route with the matters, but.. ah well, you never know what's best for you.

Next post: about something more pulpish, hopefully!

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