Saturday, January 05, 2008

The talking snowflakes again

You may remember my graphic short story (sic) about Kauto and Ottilia and the case of the talking snowflakes. Well, here's more. These I drew in a bus during one of our Christmas trips, when it seemed that Kauto was falling asleep when he shouldn't have and Ottilia was getting too bored. So it's totally improvised and the last frames I drew when the bus was already approaching the place we were getting off. I already ended the story (it says "loppu/the end" already after the first six frames), but it seemed that the bus trip wasn't going to stop for a while, so I decided to continue.

It goes something like this:

It's winter.

Ottilia: Snow!

Kauto [who's apparently out in the yard]: Ottilia, come on out!

Ottilia: No, I won't! The talking snowflake is out there!

The snowflakes: No, he's not! Come on out!

Ottilia [who doesn't have a clue]: Well, okay, I'll come then!

Ottilia: Yippee! It's fun to be out!

Kauto: Let's make a snowman!

The snowflakes: Don't do that!

Ottilia: Shucks! These again!

Kauto: Ottilia, do splat splat!

Ottilia goes splat splat.

The snowflakes: Aaaaah...

The end.

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