Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adventure Stories # 2 out

I picked the second issue of Seikkailukertomuksia/Adventure Stories from the printers today. It's a beautiful magazine, with a Jukka Murtosaari cover. The illo is for James Reasoner's story "Devil Wings Over France" which is great old-fashioned pulp fun. The other writers in this issue are JP Koskinen, the premiere writer of historical adventure working in Finland now, the father of the Finnish theater Kaarlo Bergbom, with a story from 1864 (!), and a new writer called Matias Latvasalo. I contributed also a story (I'm always pretty ashamed to include my own scribblings in these mags...).

I'll be doing at least one more issue of Seikkailukertomuksia, since I've got some stories lined up for publication, including a story from 1970 by veteran Gerald W. Page, a great hardboiled fantasy story by Pat Lambe and a pretty weird story a Finnish guy sent me - it's about sharks, a woman who thinks she's a shark, and some blood-thirsty pirates.

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