Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Torturing Nazi baboons

Groovy Age of Horror has scans of the infamous story about Nazis experimenting with baboons. The story has an interesting sciencefictional premise (yeah, right), but the climax is a bit rushed, don't you think? The story was published in a magazine called Man's Daring - it was one of those men's adventure magazines that flourished from the fifties to the seventies.


Todd Mason said...

I found SAGA, TRUE and, for that matter ARGOSY, fascinatingly strange when a child, where I would see them mostly in barber's shops. These titles were slightly less pornish than the likes of MEN'S DARING, in fact ARGOSY was kind of a weak-kneed (yet two-fisted) MAXIM (or a very down-market ESQUIRE) of it's time, but they were still pretty sad.

Juri said...

We didn't get those here in Finland, even though in an early sixties Finnish film there's a newsstand with an issue of Rogue clearly in sight! Nevertheless, I'm too young to have any first-hand experience on the Real Thing.

Some of the men's mags' stories were translated in Finnish equivalents, but I'll have to get to those later... Umm, I did post something about a mag called Uusi Aatami a while back, did I mention there were some American stories in there?