Thursday, June 12, 2008

And Jory Sherman's bibliography...

(Someone once talked about how blogs could be sexy... You couldn't get any sexier than this. Steamy stuff, let me tell you!)

After writing a brief post about Jory Sherman it occurred to me that I once received Sherman's bibliography from librarian and pulp/SF fan Denny Lien. I think he got it from the Contemporary Authors database - I hope I'm not doing any copyright infringement posting the bibliography here. It's couple years old, and I believe Mr. Sherman has written some new books in the interim. There are so many books here I got tired pretty soon to try to italicize the books' titles...

So Many Rooms, Galley Sail Publications, 1960. [poetry]
My Face in Wax, introduction by Charles Bukowski, illustrated by Bobbie Blume, Windfall Press (Chicago), 1965. [poetry]
Lust on Canvas, Anchor Publications, 1965.
The October Scarf, Challenge Books, 1966.
The Sculptor, Private Edition Books, 1966.
The Fires of Autumn, All Star Books, 1967.
Nightsong, All Star Books, 1968.
(Under pseudonym Cort Martin) Blood Jungle, Triumph News, 1968.
(Under pseudonym Cort Martin) The Star, Dominion (San Marcos, CA), 1968.
(Under pseudonym Cort Martin) Quest, Powell Publications, 1969.
(Under pseudonym Cort Martin) The Edge of Passion, Saber Books, 1969.
MAN, WOMAN AND BEAST: A Clinical Study of Bestiality. Venice Books, 1971.
The Love Rain, Tecumseh Press, 1971.
(Under pseudonym Frank Anvic) The All Girl Crew, Barclay, 1973.
(Under pseudonym Frank Anvic) The Hard Riders, Barclay, 1973.
There Are Ways of Making Love to You, Tecumseh Press, 1974.
(Under pseudonym Frank Anvic) We Have Your Daughter, Brandon Books, 1974.
(Under pseudonym Frank Anvic) Bride of Satan, Brandon Books, 1974.
Gun for Hire, Major (Canoga Park, CA), 1975.
(Under pseudonym Charlotte A. Sherman) The Shuttered Room, Major, 1975.
Ride Hard, Ride Fast, Major, 1976.
(Under pseudonym Wilma Tarra) Her Strange Needs, Carlyle Communications, 1976.
(Under pseudonym Wilma Tarra) Trying Out Tricia, Carlyle Communications, 1976.
Buzzard Bait, Major, 1977.
Satan's Seed, Pinnacle Books (New York City), 1978.
Chill, Pinnacle Books, 1978.
The Bamboo Demons, Pinnacle Books, 1979.
Hellfire Trail, Leisure Books (Norwalk, CT), 1979.
The Reincarnation of Jenny James, Carlyle Books, 1979.
The Fugitive Gun, Leisure Books, 1980.
Vegas Vampire, Pinnacle Books, 1980.
The Phoenix Man, Pinnacle Books, 1980.
House of Scorpions, Pinnacle Books, 1980.
Shadows, Pinnacle Books, 1980.
Dawn of Revenge, Zebra Books (New York City), 1980.
Mexican Showdown, Zebra Books, 1980.
Death's Head Trail, Zebra Books, 1980.
Blood Justice, Zebra Books, 1980.
Wier Hell, Zebra Books, 1980.
Bukowski: Friendship, Fame, and Bestial Myth, Blue Horse Publications (Augusta, GA), 1981.
Duel in Purgatory, Zebra Books, 1981.
Law of the Rope, Zebra Books, 1981.
Apache Arrows, Zebra Books, 1981.
Boothill Bouy, Zebra Books, 1981.
Hard Bullets, Zebra Books, 1981.
Trial by Sixgun, Zebra Books, 1981.
(Under pseudonym Cort Martin) First Blood, Zebra Books, 1981.
My Heart Is in the Ozarks, illustrated by Sherry Pettey, First Ozark (Harrison, AR), 1982.
The Widow Maker, Zebra Books, 1982.
Arizona Hardcase, Zebra Books, 1982.
The Buff Runners, Zebra Books, 1982.
Gunman's Curse, Pinnacle Books, 1983.
Dry-Gulched, Zebra Books, 1983.
Wyoming Waon, Zebra Books, 1983.
Tucson Twosome, Zebra Books, 1983.
Blood Warriors, Zebra Books, 1983.
(Under pseudonym Walt Denver) Pistolero, Zebra Books, 1983.
(Under pseudonym Hank Mitchum) Stagecoach Station 8: Fort Yuma, Baam (New York City), 1983.
Death Valley, Zebra Books, 1984.
Red Tomahawk, Zebra Books, 1984.
Blood Trail South, Zebra Books, 1984.
Song of the Cheyenne, Doubleday (New York City), 1987.
Wier of the Wolf, Walker Co. (New York City), 1987.
Horne's Law, Walker Co., 1988.
Eagles of Destiny, Zebra Books, 1990.
The Arkansas River, Baam, 1991.
The Medicine Horn: Book One of the Buckskinners, Tom Doherty Associates (New York City), 1991.
An Early Frost, White Oak (Redwood City, CA), 1992.
Grass Kingdom, Forge (New York City), 1994.
Trapper's Moon, Tor (New York City), 1994.
The Rio Grande, Baam, 1994.
The Columbia River, Baam, 1996.
The Barons of Texas, Forge, 1997.
The Baron Range, Tom Doherty Associates, 1998.
The Baron Brand, Forge, 2000.
The Ballad of Pinewood Lake, Forge, 2001.

(He's not a slow writer - and it's no wonder he's become blind in his old age.)

Edit: I thought I'd look on Abebooks and found quite easily some books the Contemporary Authors bibliographer hasn't noticed:

Incest: The Big Taboo, Venice Publishing Corp, 1966.
Secret World of Incest, Pendulum Books, Atlanta, GA, 1967
I Thee Wed, PEC, San Diego, CA, 1967
The Lips of Eros, Pendulum Books, 1967
The Summer Man, Challenge Books, 1967
The Passion Killer, Triumph Books, CA, 1968

Under the pseudonym Frank Anvic I find these books that are not on the CA list - of course it's possible that Anvic was a house name and Sherman wrote only those that are mentioned above.

His Mother's Arms, Barclay House 1969
Troubleshooter, Brandon House 1973
The Safari Women, Brandon House, n.d.
The Austrian Connection, Brandon House 1974 ("The assignment: Smash the huge international smuggling ring. The agent: Brad Saber. His abilities: Unique. His Achilles' heel: Women!")
Bonnie Does It Better, Beeline 1978

Some of these - at least The Austrian Connection - should be included in Al Hubin's bibliography of crime fiction. Will let him know.
Edit part two: I heard from James Reasoner that Blood Jungle, mentioned in the original Contemporary Authors bibliography, was published under the pseudonym Cort Martin and not under his real name. I'll add this info to the list as well.
Edit part three: I added a new pornographic book I happened to find (Man, Woman and Beast) when I was looking for something else. 


James Reasoner said...

Jory wrote one of the Stagecoach Station books as Hank Mitchum. I believe it was FORT YUMA. I didn't see it on the list but I could have missed it. Also, I think Frank Anvic was a personal pseudonym for him and not a house name.

James Reasoner said...

Yes, I see now that I did overlook FORT YUMA on the list. Sorry.

Juri said...

It's perfectly okay, James, I don't think I'd have patience enough to note any particular books in the mix.