Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My newest work: MACHINES

I've forgotten - as I've been doing something else besides blogging (which is a healthy sign, isn't it?) - to promote my newest book. There's not much to promote, though: the print run of MACHINES is a measly 30 and I've already sold and given away the majority.

MACHINES is one of my rare forays into experimental poetry (you never know what I'm up to) and is of a found text type. The four-page poem consists only of a import manual I found in an Indian guidebook from the fifties. (Exhilaratingly obscure, isn't it?)

The booklet has the ISBN title, though, so it's a legitimate publication. Be sure to grab one, while you still can - your future might depend on the breadth of your Nummeliniana collection.

Here's what my friend Jussi Parikka said about MACHINES:

"Hieno kokoelma, hämärästä lähteestä. Hyvin vaikuttavaa! :-) Tulee mieleen italialainen futurismi + seonnut teknoarkeologi, jolla luettelovimma. Toimisi hyvin ääneenluettuna (vrt. uudelleen italialainen futurismi.) / A fine collection, from an obscure source. Very impressive! :-) Reminds me a bit of Italian futurism and a crazed technological archeologist with a list mania. Would work well read out aloud (cf. again Italian futurism.)"

(Will scan the cover later on.)

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