Saturday, January 03, 2009

Additional info on Henry Klinger

Back in the day when the world... oops, this blog was young, I posted a little (and not very good) piece on Henry Klinger. Just now I received a comment on it. I'll post it here:

Henry Klinger who authored the series of novels featuring the Israeli detective was my grandfather.

In addition to being an author himself, he was also the head story editor for 20th Century Fox (when they were headquartered in New York) and selected what stories became movies... most notably, Patton, Grapes of Wrath, The Planet of the Apes, French Connection, Heidi and of course MASH among many many others.

In addition, he was an officer with the Mystery Writers Club of America for many years. His close friends included Darryl Zanuck, Alfred Hitchcock, Arthur Miller, Jacqueline Susann and Betty White.

Regretfully he passed away in 1980. He remains the finest man I have known.

Here's also the cover of the book I had found and Kauto had ripped apart.

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