Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Westlake in Sweden: Jimmy the Kid (1979)

Rather odd-looking artwork from 1979 by one Olle Frankzén (might be a typo - I suspect it's actually Franzén).

This was #625 in the pb series Delfinserien, which was not an exclusively crime fiction series.

Since this was printed in 1979, and this is the actual copy I first read of this, I'll have to retract my statement that title might have been my first Westlake. Might have been Cops & Robbers, then. I still believe this is the funniest and best of all the Dortmunders, however. On the back cover of this pb, kidnap victim Jimmy Harrington is described as a combination of Sherlock Holmes, Albert Einstein and Ingmar Bergman. Eh, Ingmar Bergman? Btw, here's all the Bergman you'll ever need:


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